Creating Technology to interact with the real potential of the Blockchain

Our approach follows a philosophical process of gaining knowledge. The basis of all action is the recognition of reality. Technological reality is understanding the mechanisms and deriving the possibilities from them. by combining the abstract process with a view of real economic needs, useful solutions result. The technology represents the last step, the step of materializing the knowledge gained in connection with the psychology of the needs.

Through this in-depth exploration of the potential of blockchain technology, we derive completely new approaches to development. The aim is to make the enormous technical potential of the blockchain accessible to mankind in meaningful, useful applications.

The starting point of the process is therefore the recognition of a real need. On an abstract, theoretical level, this need is analyzed in an interdisciplinary manner down to the deepest levels of action. Based on these two pillars of knowledge, a complete and applicable technological solution is developed as a result.

Thinking & Doing

Global Solutions -# UAE Based #- German Mind

ISD stands for an absolute, holistic approach to technology development. Our entire management team comes from Germany and consists of engineers, scientists, philosophers and economists who are among the leaders in their fields in the world.

The United Arab Emirates are the spiritual and geographic center of three continents. Progress, innovation and entrepreneurship have always been the driving forces here. By choosing our headquarters in the UAE, we want to contribute to technological leadership.

We postulate new approaches for the actual solution of global tasks. Understanding the psychology of real needs, deepest knowledge of the structure of reality and, based on this, the implementation of this in a useful application - the basic process that guides our thinking and acting.

We define cryptographic recources of the 3rd generation by a set of four attributes

Reflective: third generation crypto-values are based on a normative framework and replicate real economy requirement, markets, processes or transactions

SuperSecured: unlimited or unauthorized access by third parties through approval to the user's wallet, currencies, or asset is made impossible

Fully autonomous: every transaction and every interaction can be carried out by the user directly, without intermediaries, without access or dependency from third parties

Interactive: all essential functions are in the smart contract and can be controlled by token owners directly, without intermediaries via DApps.