Secured nft technology for linked physical assets

ISD has developed a revolutionary technology with which any kind of physical assets can be linked directly to the blockchain in a 1:1 ratio with absolute high security.
The SNFT Technology - SNFT is a multifunctional, modular token with integrated logic. A fully autonomous unit. ERC721 is used as an interface. The SNFT is compatible with all standard applications and deliberately uses the ETHEREUM main chain. SNFT is a fundamental technology that will revolutionize global trade.

Smart coins # 3rd Gen Crypto # on chain function integrated logical unites

ARES Coin – Asset Related Electronic Securitys – is the first ever deployed SMART Coin. Using the Ethereum MainNet, the ARES contract is a combination of several program modules making ARES a full funtioning logical unit.
ARES thereby solves several existing problems at the same time. Digging – minting-on-demand, approval secure, separate Vault contract segments, Proof-of-Authorization allgorithm, stable by code, cash flow realtion. ARES replaces access/approvals from marketplaces. The SecureTokenSwap protocol enables on-chain, direct, third-party-free, session transactions with STS connected assets. 3rd Generation Crypto – Highly Secure, Fully Autonomous, Income Generating

Digging # a revolutionary process of generating digital assets

Digging stands for a whole class of subfunctions. Their basic task is to bring digital value into existence for the first time. Highly secure, transaction-free and globally compatible with regulations. In contrast to minting, digging is absolutely inflation-proof and dilution-proof.
Based on code and immutable. Extension of the function class via sub-functions to connect the processing of FIAT and crypto transactions. The development of highly secure and fully automated smart contracts are based on KYC systems. As well as the mapping of various constellations of crypto trading functions.